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«Når Ingen Ser» means «when no-one can see» and is the second single from the upcoming album «Vinger» which will be released on the 25th of June, with one song for each of the 12 core values according to Italian author Barnaba Ruggieri. 

«Når Ingen Ser» represents the value «Integrity» and is about how trust is linked to our ability to live as close to our own values as possible.  Do we always do the right thing, even if no-one would find out if we didn’t?  If we want others to trust us, we have to respect ourselves first.  If we decide to strive towards living  by our own values, it eventually builds character, which then wins the trust of others.


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Skyskraper Artist
Gunnar Reed
+47 906 24 850


Skyskraper Artist
Caroline Ingeberg
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Booking A1, Norway

Skyskraper Artist
Caroline Ingeberg
+47 906 24 850

Booking A1, UK

UK Management
David Samuels
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The story so far

Christian Ingebrigtsen is one of Norway’s most successful artists. As a member of pop group a1, he has achieved two UK number ones, a Brit Award for “best newcomer” in 2001, and a total of 10 UK top ten singles selling millions of records worldwide.

Christian embarked on his solo career in 2003, and has reached the number one spot twice in his home country, Norway, with the songs “In love with an angel” and ”Things are gonna change”. He has released 3 gold and platinum selling solo albums since then, and has established himself as a household name in his home country.

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