Summer Of Love

My new single “Summer of love” is out now! And I’m so happy to share this with you. It’s actually a true story from my 19th summer growing up in my hometown, Ski in Norway. Check it out!

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    The story so far

    Christian Ingebrigtsen is one of Norway’s most successful artists and songwriters. As a member of pop group a1, he achieved two UK number ones, a Brit Award for “best newcomer” in 2001, and a total of eight UK top ten singles selling over ten million albums worldwide.

    Christian embarked on his solo career in 2003 and reached the number one spot twice in his home country, Norway, releasing three gold and platinum selling solo albums within few years, establishing himself as a household name in his home country.

    After his third album, he took a break from recording, and focused on his live shows while starting his acting career. In 2009 he played the role of Marius in the Norwegian theater Oslo Nye Teater’s production of Les Misérables. Christian also does voice over work, and has the Norwegian lead voice in Disney classics such as ”Tangled” and ”Brother Bear”. 

    He went back to recording in 2017, releasing his first album in 10 years, making him an even busier touring artist. Then his first album in Norwegian was released in 2021.  

    His father, Stein Ingebrigtsen, was one of Norway’s most successful artists during the 70’s, selling over 1,5 million albums in Scandinavia.  Wanting to walk in his father’s footsteps, Christian studied music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (known as the Paul McCartney fame-school), where he was discovered by manager Tim Byrne, who introduced him to the other members of what was to become the band a1.

    Today Christian is a fulltime artist, songwriter and producer, spending most of his time on the road, with concerts all around Norway. He also tours with a1 in the UK, Scandinavia and around Asia. In between tours, he works in his studio in Oslo, where he writes and produces for several well-known Scandinavian artists.  Most recently, he wrote and produced the Norwegian entry to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest; Attention  with Ulrikke Brandstorp and Kjetil Mørland.

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    Wonder of the World

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